Tuesday, December 04, 2007


No coffee--going to have to fix that--and no music. Soon there'll be another audiobook in the car. Left Atlanta almost exactly 12 hours ago. Yep, do the math; finally got on the road at 5:45 PM. Made it as far as Elizabethtown and crashed--no, not the car, just the bodies--at the Hampton Inn. Hope to arrive in Chicago about noonish.

Let me explain the trials of yesterday, no, there's not enough time--leaving in five--so let me sum up: For the first time I couldn't fit everything into the minivan. In supreme overconfidence I canceled the Econoline on Sunday, sure I would be okay. he new plastic shelving we bought at Home Depot on Saturday was the casualty--it got replaced with a couple of small tables that are probably going to need to be augmented (and I have no idea where I'm going to put all the work and boxes at the show).

I found one kiln and am waiting to hear on the second. I did hear that the 110 pieces are a probable and the meeting for final approval on the 395 pieces is Wednesday afternoon. The one kiln I found is 1700 lbs and the lid-lifting system makes it 68" wide--a tough fit for the kiln room and no way for the floor. My carpenter is going to go in today and cut the existing plywood floor out, put a new floor support system in and put in a new 3/4" plywood floor... just in case. My wonderful assistant Stacy is going to supervise (and deal with the studio security alarm) in my absence. Yee Haw.

Made a commitment to do both jobs based on the availability of the first kiln (I can have it the day I get back from Chicago, it's almost built). Finally got to see the specs on the web just now... and it looks like there's no lid reinforcement to keep it from torquing, and, more importantly no lid elements--side-firing only. Oh great. That won't do at all.

The road to Chicago, something about insurmountable obstacles and imminent disaster. At least it didn't snow... oh wait.


Bill said...

How ARE you dealing with the snow?


Dee said...

LOL didn't you know a storm had gone thru the area over the last couple of days? :P

good luck with the kiln search. hope the guys get the floor updated w/o any problems.

Brenda Griffith said...

I am not dealing with the snow. I ignore it. And I have been lucky in that I ahven't had to drive in it et except for coming back to the hotel from the Greek Isles. I hoe my luck continues or I'm going to have to buy a snow brush/ice scraper (again, so I can use it and lose it, again).