Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Coffee is brewing, the sound of it is my music this morning. As soon as it is ready, I will head off to the studio to fuse a big load, slump a small load and pack up two books to ship tomorrow. Happy New Year!

As usual, I am too in-the-thick-of-it to stop and reflect on where I've been over the past (five) year(s) and to muse on where I would like to go and where I probably am going (the same place? I doubt it). But for fun (and to read back over next new years) I am going to list the big projects on tap for Siyeh Studio in 2008:
  • Develop and maintain a coherent web presence that combines Siyeh Studio, Glass Incarnate the blog, Glass Incarnate the professional site, and FeSiO all in one place
  • Work out a photo management system and set up a permanent photo area in the studio so all new work makes it right up to the website
  • Finish the physical remodeling and improvement on the new studio (painting, shipping area, mudroom, gallery, etc.)
  • Simplify show display shipping and storage between Vegas and Phillie
  • Set up a bookkeeping system that I can update easily throughout the year so I don't have 11 months of expenses and reconciling to do the first of January
  • Add Big Bettina to the kiln family
  • Create and send quarterly mailings to galleries
  • Develop and maintain a catalog on cd with all the Siyeh Studio and Fesio work
I could go on, but I am already beginning to scare myself. Now off to the studio!


Bill said...

Be not frightened, be busy.

Oh, and I was wondering where you were...

Dee said...

that's a good size to do list to start off the new year ;)

Happy New Year to you, dave, jessie and all the 4 legged kids ;)

oh, i even have almost all my purchases input into quickbooks for 2007 hehehehehe

Jodi said...

I think I just got a little overwhelmed reading your list.