Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun! Friday!

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "Emmanuel" covered by William Ackerman on iTunes. Two days have passed since my return from Chicago and I am finally slipping back into the groove. I fused a couple of pieces in Middle Ground yesterday and will slump them today. Today I will also fuse two Cosmos lattice panels--the last of my show orders and do a little experimenting with an opal bowl in frit. I return to opals from time to time to see if I can work out a series like Morceaux de Verre that is predominantly opaque glass. The timing of today's experiment is driven by a commission I got yesterday as a follow-up to the One of a Kind Show. A man wants a gift for a friend in the colors of the Red Rock Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Pumpkin, paprika, and pea, with a dash of gray, white and black. The closest matches I have for the colors are opals so I'm off to blend and play again.

Stacy is coming to the studio today too, and I want to plan the next steps for finishing it up (painting, furnishing, etc.) and spring marketing with her. All this needs to happen before 1:00 as I pick J up then and we are going to make little Christmas ornaments before she goes to Fun Friday. While I am not taking official vacation time over the next couple of weeks, I am planning to work less. My glass order from Bullseye comes next Wednesday, and Thursday I need to begin firing every day to get the corporate gift pieces done for January. I hope to be able to do the kiln loads first thing every morning so I can spend the rest of the days with the J while she is on winter break. And I will take off Christmas Day completely.

Oh yes, and in the next couple of days I need to knit J a pair of fuzzy slippers for school. She has a pair of fuzzy store-bought slippers, but she doesn't like them and so wears the "borrowing slippers" from school everyday--they're a much-worn, much-loved pair of big-yarn knit slippers. That'll give me three active projects on the needles--Dave's sweater (from several years ago) J's coat and now socks. Hands gotta be busy!


Bill said...

"From several years ago"?

Poor Dave...

Anonymous said...

LOL i'm always happy to find i'm not the only one with multi-year projects ;P

so, how hype is J each successive day closer to xmas? :)