Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 2--Too Bad I'm Not Selling Gourmet Salsa

No coffee, more kept consoling myself with the thought that "It's only a half day", but it wasn't. It was nine hours and the people around me who weren't selling gourmet food didn't selling anything. I had a few small pieces go, but not enough to make the rent. Fingers crossed today will be a MUCH better day.

On the plus side, it was slow enough that I got to chat with old friends and make a couple of great trades--content-management-based web service set-up for FeSiO and Siyeh Studio from Christian, and a psaltry (with music, a tuner and some harp music cd's) for Jessie for Christmas from Jeff. Heck, I gotta get that wine in the car somehow. If I can't sell the big pieces I'll at least trade them for something smaller!

On the minus side, I would rather be home with Seraph the red-antlered reindeer and the rest of my family. This may well be the last year I do this show. The winter travel can be very dodgy, it takes place at a time of the year I would like to be preparing for Christmas, Love and Good Cheer with my family and friends, and so far the sales just don't warrant the effort. Okay, that's enough negativity loosed into the world.

In spite of the slow sales, we had a fun night last night. Got out of the show about 9:30 and jostled in the snow for a cab. You might wonder why we needed a cab when we're staying across the street, but the answer should be obvious: The Quest for the Harold's Chicken Holy Grail (Harold IS the Chicken King). We took the cab to north Milwaukee arriving just in time to get our order before they closed. I could have placed my order over the Internet and paid with PayPal, but that just would have been wrong. I called it in.

When we were so late picking it up they called me on my cellphone to see where we were and to let me know they were closing in 15 minutes. Is that great service or what? Back in the room with our Harold's feast (tell me why I ordered *four* six-wing dinners again?) smothered in Hot AND Barbecue sauces, we opened a bottle of wine club red (if I can't fit it in the car to get it home, I can at least drink it!) and watched (chose and paid for, even) Evan Almighty on the t.v. Hey, I know! I should just think of this as a vacation instead of as a business trip...

Now off to the show!


Becky said...

hope you sold loads of pieces at the show today so that you don't have drink yourself silly before coming back to ATL. By the way next time you want to swap web services for wonderful art you really don't need to go as far as Chicago:-)

PS: Danny is starting at Phoenix on Jan 2nd. Thanks for letting me know:-)

Bill said...

Leaving the chicken to fly away, have you had a pizza there yet? If so, which company's?

Brenda Griffith said...

No pizza yet--planning on Frontera tonight with friend/customers. Tomorrow is breakdown so we'll be lucky to get anything from the outside world.