Sunday, December 09, 2007

Day Interminable

No coffee, much heater humming (what is it with these noisy room heaters?!?) for music--that and Mom's dulcet, genteel snores. We are both way tired. I am letting her sleep in this morning as today is the Big Day and we have to pack everything up after the show finishes at 5:00. Lat year the pack-up took us till 10:00...

Yesterday afternoon I did a little kiln-forming demonstration in front of the demo stage and thanks to Christian, I have photos! Yesterday was all about the schmooz. I sold a modest number of small pieces and one or two medium and big pieces, but the big talk was The Book. I had several people come in to tell me how much they liked it--one of them the owner of a a store selling supplies and materials for stained and kiln-formed glass. She said several people have told her what a great book it is, and I got a warm fuzzy glow. She also asked if I teach classes... I need to get that class list made up!

Dinner last night was sushi with old friends/customers who came down from Wisconsin to do the show. I gave them free passes to it a couple of years ago and now they are regulars who break their piggy bank on beautiful art and craft annually. On a happy-I-am-not-staying-out-in-the-suburbs note, we left the restaurant last night in the freezing rain. Freezing rain that had coated the sidewalks and was encroaching on the streets. The walk back to the hotel was treacherous enough--I can't imagine what it would have been like to have to drive somewhere (and to have to drive back in this morning...).

Yesterday was the birthday of my neighbor across the aisle, Royal. We're southerners together, he's from Birmingham. (Did I just say I'm a southerner... whoa.) It was also Jeff's wife Jessie's birthday. What are the odds that I meet two new people at this show and they both have the same birthday AND it's during the show? (C'mon Dave, what ARE the odds?).

Getting on towards 9:00. Best be getting my charges authorized and getting gussied up for the show. (A Southerner!)


Bill said...

Yeah, whatever happened to Stranded in the South, huh? You haven't spouted vitriol in months!

Mish said...

When a crowd reaches 23, it becomes more likely than not a birthday is shared. With 50 folks, it's 33 to 1 against one not being the same. For the enterprising, this is an easy way to drink for free at a crowded bar ;-)

Good luck packing up -- hope to see you and "mom" soon!!

Hugs, -- Mish

Mindy & Stacy said...

I can't believe you said you were a southerner!!! Speaking of the south, it is a balmy 72 degrees here! Can't wait till "y'all" come home! :-)

Brenda Griffith said...

The cockles of my heart are warmed by all your comments--Stacy, it was an aberration--I'll never do it again. Bill, I've been too busy to be vitriolic. And Mish, I have missed you and can't wait to get together when we get back!!

Bill said...

Well, if not vitriolic, perhaps you could add a squeeze of lemon to make it slightly more acidic?