Saturday, December 08, 2007

Day Three of Four... Gulp

Coffee was hours ago and came out of a little machine after I picked kind, strength and cup size... why do I have the feeling it wasn't really "brewed"? The sounds of happy shoppers are my music this morning. Day Three of the One of a Kind Show dawned at 10:00 (we all have our own version of dawn) and is now waning into afternoon. Yesterday turned out to be a very good day culminating in the sale of one of the wall lattice pieces. I also found new homes for one symbol piece (Carolina in Love) and four large round pieces in stands. Christmas is saved! Shoes for everyone!

Today I am having a great day seeing friends--both old customers and other artists--and talking technique with beginning kiln formers who have come to buy my book. But I am not having a good day selling my work. Today is the day of the Christmas gift shopper, and not for BIG pieces. Can you say "sushi plate"? Good thing I brought a lot of sushi plates. I need to go raise my blood sugar--lack of food is making me cranky.

The day started with a bang--I was asked if I had a big piece to put in the fine art gallery area to replace a piece that sold yesterday. Said piece--Cosmos in Love--is strategically placed at the entrance to the gallery in front of James the bartender (Hi James!). I will be visiting James the bartender later today... Hopefully after selling many more large pieces and no more "Would you take price - 30% for it?" questions.

I have a presentation on making sheet mica and fusing it into glass on the demonstration stage at 4:30 so I had better run. Oh yeah, and I'll take care of that blood sugar thing too.


Bill said...

It's hard to tell by your post here how well you've done overall. Hopefully, you've covered expenses, at least.

Have you sold enough to be able to carry home your cargo?

Brenda Griffith said...

I didn't make expenses on sales quite, but I might have a couple more big orders come in the next few weeks.

ren said... have a bartender? dude, i am totally giving up comics and becoming some sort of fine artist.