Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug (for the upcoming One of a Kind Show and Sale), "Flyswatter/Ice Water Blues" by Lyle Lovett on the iPod (for Stacy). Yesterday I left Stacy (new assistant) in the studio working alone for a couple of hours. When I got back she shared with me that after listening for awhile to the playlist I had left on the iPod, she was really depressed and felt like crying so she changed to a different playlist. She was shocked (shocked!) to find that I had left her listening to the melancholy playlist. I'm going to try Ren's melancholy playlist on her next. Heh.

What I posted yesterday about there being no way I can get all the work done I plan for the show is true and independent of the number of people who help me. My labor is not the bottleneck; Big Bertha is. (The semicolon is for Dave. He knows why.) I can only fire one load in her a day. If I rush and get stressed, some of those loads will fail and I won't be able to make them up (the whole finite number of days thing).

Last night I wrote up the list of pieces I would like to have. This morning, as Bertha cools from yesterday's load, I will plug the list of pieces into the (again, finite number of) slots available in her between now and the end of the month. And yes, I know it'll all work out (the Siyeh Studio motto is at the end of the linked post). However just telling me it'll work out is not enough to convince my amygdala. I might could use a little pre-frontal lobe stimulation too. Either the house had bad feng shui at 5:00 am or my anxiety infected everyone because not only was I up and sleepless, but the rest of the human denizens in residence also all woke for short amounts of time--even my mom in the guest room. But she's old and might have just been up for one of the many old-people night bathroom trips... (Just kidding Mom--you're not old.)

So today, more firing. Calling the Merchandise Mart and begging to be allowed to submit my services form late (it was due November 5th), and article writing. Funnily, the topic of one of the articles is realistically determining your work output to evaluate whether you can make a living as a glass artist... Some days the irony just kills me.


Bill Paley said...

Well, now that you have this whole house to play with, buy too more Big Berthas! That'll fix you right up!

ren said...

don't torture that poor girl! i am sending out the happy mix! i swear!

Dee said...

LOL 2 more big berthas would mean an addition on the back ;P it doesn't take long to fill up a room with a big bertha size kiln! and glass will NOT be hurried! ;P