Thursday, November 08, 2007

Live From the New Studio!

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "Far, Far Away From My Heart" by the BoDeans on the iPod. I'm live from the new studio and the view from my desk is of a billboard with the picture at right on the side of the building next door. Oh boy. Every time Jessie comes over she cries. She wants us to adopt the dog in the poster, Angel. "I would give her chocolate every day--if dogs could have chocolate but they can't because it would make them sick. And I would love her more than anyone else does. And if I had two chocolates, I would give them both to her--if dogs could have chocolate, but they can't because it would make them sick." Oh boy. Sadly, we live in a neighborhood where many people treat their dogs this way so the billboard is well-placed for its target demographic.

It's cold in the studio this morning! I think there's a problem with the thermostat--it reads 54 degrees when it's sweltering hot in here so I can't just leave it on all night, but these mornings are chilly (she says squeezing her warm coffee mug). My parents in Montana and my in-laws in Chicago must be laughing themselves silly to read that I think southern fall mornings are "chilly".

All the books but the international ones went out yesterday (yea!). I have to take the international ones to the post office today. I tried to send them UPS, but the most economical way to send a a 3 lb 12 X 9 X 2 package costs $85 to send to the UK... !!! It's still going to be expensive via the post office (probably just less than the cost of the book). I hope the recipients think it's worth it, if not I have personalized three copies for nothing.

Now Dee is here and it's time to keep putting together the studio. Till tomorrow.


Bill Paley said...

Oh, goody! Books, my precious!

Mindy & Stacy said...

Angel is doing much better now! Here is a link to the AJC article with Angel all fat & happy!

Jodi said...

Yeah, people here in L.A. have started turning on their heat and lighting fireplaces because it's getting down to 55-60 at night now. Ha! I'm just putting on a sweater if I need to. I'm still reeling from my summertime electric bills.