Friday, November 09, 2007

Old As Dirt

Coffee was in the Barcelona Barista mug an hour or more ago, "I Want To Be Your Girlfriend" by Mary Chapin Carpenter on the iPod. I have already been putting up shelving and leveling it, organizing frit and emptying boxes in the studio this morning. It was only 47 degrees inside when I arrived and I just couldn't bear to sit and post in the cold so I turned on the furnace and worked until it was warm enough to write. Now I am toasty snug and enjoying a well-deserved break. Heck, the break would be well-deserved if I took it all day--Dee and I moved about 1500 lbs of frit yesterday (2/3 of it) and I woke with an aching back this morning.


I left the computer for a few hours and moved the rest of the frit. Boy am I SORE! I am clearly old as dirt. Early this evening I am going to soak in the whirlpool tub with some Epsom salts mixed with scented bath salts... and a glass of Roederer Cristal champagne. Tonight we officially celebrate the release of the book (even though I still have never seen it in a bookstore). Jessie has a sleepover at a friend's house and Dave and I are going to veg with champagne, pizza, and Netflix (I love Friday). Yes, clearly we are old as dirt--and I wouldn't have it any other way.

More pics next week as the studio comes together (big comfy green chair in the office. yum.)


Dee said...

LOL I took aleve last night before i went to bed and had my weekly chiro/massage appt today ;) i don't feel as old as dirt snkr snkr

And check the B&N store down your way, i did find a copy of your book ON THE SHELF! it was only one copy but then most of the books in the rather disorganized craft section only have one copy out. So, book siting #1 occurred today ;) enjoy your childless evening and morning ;)

Bill Paley said...

Don't forget to yell at the kids about walking on your lawn...keeps you feeling old...

Smasty said...

Hey book arrived. It is so totally lovely and very unique from other FG books I have. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the artist inclusions. Once I get a chance to read through it more, I'll post a review.

Licha said...

Hi Brenda,
I do hope you had a nice relaxing evening with champagne and pizza (interesting combination!).

Sounds like you need to get a massage! So when would you like for me to come by and play so we can make some Vitrigraph? I was just waiting until you settled in to your new studio.


ren said...

wait...why does this say OLD AS DIRT on my birthday??? what are you trying to tell me?

or am i just paranoid?

Brenda Griffith said...

Happy Birthday Ren! It's funny that either you or Jody wrote "Old as Dirt" in a recent post (either for your birthday or Eric's, I think) and that's *exactly* how I was feeling Friday.

Hope you had a wonderful day, you young whipper snapper you. Hey, get off my lawn!