Friday, November 30, 2007

Tired? There is No Word Great Enough

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback on iTunes. "Amen, I'm alive..." and yes, that sums up the morning.


Now, many hours later, I am still alive (against all expectations and odds). Tired is not a descriptive enough, evocative enough, accurate, in fact, word. I am in the beyond tired. Sleep is something I usually slip slowly and lightly into. At first I'm laying on the mattress and everything is normal. But then I feel the first shifting of gravity--it doesn't exist for me anymore--and I languidly begin to leave my body for the place of sleep and dreams. I have a second or two to marvel at my weightlessness and to luxuriate in a feeling of total peace and relaxation before I go.

But for the past few days (weeks) going to sleep has been... faster. The night before last Dave and I went up to bed and, as is our want, we were talking as we snuggled under the covers. He said something, then I responded... and I fell asleep halfway through my sentence. I woke with a start as I finished talking, horror-struck with no idea what I had just said. Dave paused for a second, mulling over my utterance and then kindly said, "My heart, I think you have lost all your consonants. I'll help you find them in the morning." And that was that.

Thanks to Stacy, Dave, my Mom, Dee, and Jessie I have made it through the week and I will be ready to go to Chicago on Monday. While I'm driving up the road I'll be seeing if I can scare up a Bertha II by the end of December to help me complete an order for 400-500 long rectangular platters that I might be getting Monday (due the end of January). Am I INSANE?!?!?


Anonymous said...

HOW MANY????????????????? YES, you ARE insane - or imbibing something extra in your wine hehehehehehe

you'll need to line some massage therapy time before heading to phili after completing that order!

does this style need edge grinding?

get plenty of sleep tonight, you've got the last push coming up this weekend...

Mish said...

How big are the platters? What is the margin?

Bill said...

If you've lost all your consonants, you're either speaking Scottish or you're speaking Ethiopian; I can never remember which it is.

Oh, and with respect to your sanity...NOT.

Brenda Griffith said...

Just now getting around to answering comments so this is a bit... delayed, but the size is 15X7. I can fuse 15 at a time in Big Bertha and I currently have 10 molds so I can them slump 10 in another load. I am not sure what my margin is. It is best for this piece out of all the pieces I do--the cost to size to effort to waste ratio is really good--if mathematically impossible. :-)