Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vroom, Vroom

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Don't Waste Away" by James McMurtry on iTunes. Truer words were never written. Too bad the expenditure of energy and effort I am experiencing right now don't translate into weight loss. (The chocolate-dipped biscotti I'm munching on with my coffee are precluders to the whole weight-loss thing.) But who cares about weight? There's a show coming up next week! Against all odds--and for the first time ever--all of the firings scheduled over the past two weeks happened... and happened when they were scheduled. There has been no slippage.

The lack of slippage and sleep have made me cocky: last night I upped the ante and *added* a firing to the schedule. Big Bertha is now scheduled for *two, count them two* slump loads on Saturday. The only way to pull this off is to get today's and tomorrow's loads in early and earlier so she'll be cool enough to unload by 5:30 Saturday morning. One load at 6:00 am, the other at 10:00 pm, then Sunday's load at 2:00 pm so I can unload Sunday's load by noon on Monday... and hit the road for Chicago. Sounds pretty ambitious, doesn't it? But like I said, I'm feeling cocky. :-)

Today, J to school (check), dogs to groomer (check), minivan filled with gas and handed over to Stacy so she can meet Bill from EMW up in Commerce and get the rest of my stands for the show (check). Kilns wide open and cooling (check). But I have an appointment from 10:00-11:15 and I wanted Big Bertha's load in before it. Not going to happen. But it'll be in before I pick J up from school at 1:00. Then the rest of the class list for Hoy's, gymnastics for J, dogs from groomer, ballet for J, maybe even the fabric store with my Mom. Whew!


Bill Paley said...

You lead such a boring life...

Anonymous said...

hey bill, what kinda drinks you sending brenda? you adding extra ingredients she doesn't know about? :) see what she signed up for today?? :P