Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time Lapse

Coffee in the Washington D.C skyline mug, "Adrift" by The Barenaked Ladies on iTunes. No drifting here--moving too fast to drift. Today is the big meeting with Bill and Elaine from EMW in the new studio. I am serving coffee (a blend of French roast and mocha java) and frozen pain auchocolat (chocolate croissants for us Americans) from Trader Joe's for breakfast. These frozen pain au chocolat are the most amazing bakery goods that you can buy from a store and bake at home. I lived in France for awhile, I know good croissants (and pain au chocolat). What you get from most American bakeries wouldn't even qualify--much less anything from the grocery store. But these Trader Joe's things... You put them on parchment paper on a baking sheet at night before bed (frozen) and prep them in the oven (i.e., put them in the oven and leave them there all night with the oven off). Then in the morning you brush them with an egg and bake them at 350 for 20 minutes. At the end of that time you have the most exquisite, perfect, flaky, crispy, buttery pastry you have ever eaten. I kid you not. And they are $2.59 for a package of four.

But back to the day... Yesterday I had both De and my new assistant Stacy helping me and we really powered through things. All the molds (or all the ones I might conceivably use) are now in the new studio, the last of the architectural glass that was moved has been put in its case, books shipped to Europe, and an order shipped to New Jersey. All the scrap glass too big to go in plastic storage boxes (and which therefore stands in the wooden bins below my assembly table--shown above) is now back in the bin (and off the coldroom floor) and it's even sorted by color. I shiver in the bliss of complete organization.


It's now many, many (about 13) hours after I started this post. Much has happened, and it will wait for tomorrow. News of books signing and gallery show and display layout--all tomorrow.


Bill Paley said...

I take that to mean that although nearly everything has been moved to the new studio that is cross-town (next door), there's still some stuff in the old studio, right?

What're you going to do with the space, now? Will it be passed on to the husband? The child? Or, will you be using it for some other aspect of Brenda-ness?

Brenda Griffith said...

The new space will be shared. We might move the treadmill (up to Dave) from the guest room, and we'll definitely move the looma nd the rest of teh weaving equipment from the dining room and the upstairs hall. Everything will feel more open and less cramped once some stuff flows to the basement (until we get more stuff!).