Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hump, Hump, HUMP DAY!

Coffee in the Montreal skyline mug, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor on iTunes. Not random, not chance. Maybe not haut musique, but appropriate this morning nonetheless. Today is the hump day to end all hump days. Yesterday I realized that I can no longer go it alone, and today I will be alone except for a couple of hours this morning. Yesterday I had help from both Dee and Stacy all day and for most of the day, respectively, and I just managed to get through the production tasks for the day. Nothing more was written (though I did get the GPQ article in)--including the class list. And yet the day was non-stop, jampacked. Today promises to be more of the same (though I did promise my spouse I wouldn't "overdo"--a subject for a post in itself, and not for today's).

Yesterday Stacy did morceaux duty and frit refill, Dee helped move yet more crap from the basement to the studio and then did inventory with me. She ended the day (from mid-day on) by doing the second grind (100 grit) of the edges of the little sushi/chocolate/tapas plates (the plates for whatever little thing you like to eat). Stacy did the wash and third edge inspection/diamond handpad grind (220 grit). I did the first grind (60 grit, I'm in a hurry). I made 140 of those little plates for the show and right now I'm thinking $32 is not enough for them to make them worthwhile to do. Fuse a sheet, cut it into five plates, do two grinds, wash and handpad for chips, slump. That's a lot of hands-on time for a piece that measures 3-1/2" X 8" and retails for $32. On the other hand, they are always the hottest seller at this show. Last year it looked like the sale table at Filene's Basement with the women clustered around them almost snatching the different colors out of each other's hands.

To continue on the topic of not going back... Bill (EMW) called to see how I was doing and to ask if I really wanted to be this busy. I said okay and it's okay. But his question made me stop and think for a moment and realize that, even though she's only been with me a couple of weeks, I would have a hard time going back to working without Stacy. And Dee has been dropping in once or twice a week since I got this studio to just hang and help out. And she really works--there is no just sitting and chatting. Yesterday I didn't even take time for lunch--I grabbed cold leftovers straight out of the fridge and ate them standing by the sink while I was waiting for Mom to finish up what she was doing and get her shoes on so we could go pick J up from school.

I still don't have time to update my website, work on my display for next year, manage customer data, or create focused mailings. And I have help! Before you even think it, no I can't hire someone else. I can't afford it. Yes, more business, but now also more expenses--rent, formal utilities of every variety, and more materials... lots more materials. Maybe I'll be surprised at the income that will come in--let's face it, unless I am doing something radically wrong more work means more money--but who has time to sit down and do financial stuff?!? After the One of a Kind Show. Many things are put off till then.

Now off to fire--a bazooka today, I think. And I won't even aim it at Bill (who so kindly keeps sending me drinks through Facebook).

PS--Thank you Sue for the lovely review on Amazon! I really appreciate that you took the time to write it when you are so busy yourself right now.


Dee said...

a bazooka eh? i thought photon torpedos would produce a more spectacular result ;)

ok, you don't normally have a complete studio move to contend with along with orders, a retail show, wholesale show new booth prep and life in general. things will smooth out after chicago as the move gets completed and your usual working routine reasserts itself after this period of temporary insanity. as stacy becomes trained in more tasks that will also help even out the workload and release bottlenecks. it WILL get better ;)

and enjoy those drinks bill keeps sending hehehehehe

bill, looks like she's gone for the big guns, you might wanna consider a good hiding spot ;)

Bill Paley said...

Ha! Bazookas don't have the range to touch me from across the continent. Now, medium range missiles...