Monday, November 26, 2007

New Week, New Opportunities

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug, "Hands Like Rain" by James McMurtry on iTunes. Up at 6:00 this morning to write, then took J to school and Dave to the train. (I think it's the last day for that--D's rear window is supposed to be replaced today and then he takes back getting J to school and himself to the train... In a way I'll miss the routine, but I'll be able to use the time.) Got home and put two kiln loads in--a bowl to slump in Little Boy and three ovals and two small round dishes in Middle Ground (finally named the two smaller kilns!). Opened Big Bertha to finish cooling the pieces in her and will reload her after I post and finish one of the two articles--maybe after finishing both.

The birdbath overslumped, and of course I need to photograph it today to finish off the article for GPQ that's already overdue. Hope I can get a creative shot that shows the beauty of the glass and the interest of the design while hiding the overslump. I might end up sending in the article with all the other photos today, redoing the piece, and sending a photo of it finished later. The problem with that scenario is that I don't have space in either Middle Ground or Big Bertha till after the One of a Kind Show--the birdbath is too big for Little Boy--and that might be too late.

The end of last week brought a new opportunity to the studio: I was contacted by a company that works with corporations on their corporate gift programs. They wanted to know if I would be interested in (and able to do) 100-150 pieces for a local company to use as their corporate gift in January. Yes and yes! January is typically a very light month for me in terms of production (though not in terms of work--it's my month to prepare for the February BMAC). and a little extra revenue will be most welcome. They are reviewing the pieces this week and will let me know by next week. If I do get the contract, I'll need to get more molds for that piece. An excuse to shop. Heh.

Now off to write and fire!


Bill Paley said...

Fire what? Torpedoes? Phasers?


Dee said...

like we need an excuse to shop? :) hehehehe

yes bill, she's firing phasers so you better duck ;) hehehehe

Bill Paley said...