Thursday, January 29, 2009

The End is Near! (Of the Week, At Least)

Coffee in the New York skyline mug (as we are heading in that general direction in a couple of weeks), the sound of the printer spitting out the Camp Buyer's Market registration forms for Jessie for music. Yep, J's going to Philadelphia again. This should make the trip MUCH better for Todd. And airline fares just keep dropping--her ticket on Delta non-stop was $127 + tax. However I don't have to pay anything for one checked bag and she has to pay $15. I'm still almost tempted to buy myself another ticket and pay the change fee on the one I have and use it to go somewhere else. Mine cost over twice as much as hers and she's sitting right next to me!

Today I ship two orders and meet with V about the sorry state of my bookkeeping. *sigh* I know she won't be judgmental or laugh at me (at least out loud) but it is in a really sorry, sad state. Then this afternoon we head to Charleston to plan for the Buyer's Market with Bill and Elaine. There's work to figure out (and to make and ship on my return to Atlanta), and a booth to design. I'm already tired. I would love to go back to bed for a couple of hours as I have just been unable to shake this sapping cold virus. But I'm off to be perky! And fire!

And speaking of firing... I called Olympic kilns yesterday and they walked me through unlocking the cone firing schedules on the kiln controller for Little Boy (the small kiln). Turns out that he's rated to fire to 2400 degrees F so I can fire ceramics in him. Yesterday I bisque-fired a little terracotta play house that Jessie made for her littlest pets. The built-in firing schedules are very basic (cone #, speed: fast, medium or slow, and hold time) and I have no idea how long the "slow" fire I picked should take. For all I know, it's still firing. I'm looking forward to being able to make and fire my own molds now--and making their own clay slumping/casting molds will be a great project for the summer camp participants.

Now off to shower, dress, and brush my teeth before V arrives. No need to scare her any more than I have to!


Bill said...

Yes, please dress for the accountant. They freak out so easily.

maria said...

The slow fire on my Skutt kiln is 12 hours.

Dee said...

oh boy! jessie in philli again - maybe it will be better with todd there this time ;)