Sunday, January 04, 2009

Beige Sunday

Coffee was in the Barcelona skyline mug, but it's safely done now (I didn't let the mug out of my sight), "Breathe" by the BoDeans is on iTunes. The Barcelona mug is back from walkabout--it's the one I put down--full, without even having had a sip--one day somewhere in the house, and I never saw it again. Who knows where it went. Maybe Australia. Next time I saw it it was in the cupboard, clean. I don't trust it.

Jessie and Dave are making chocolate pudding--Dave is reading the recipe and J is measuring, mixing and cooking. J wanted to cook this morning and we convinced her that picking something out of a cookbook and following the recipe is a good way to learn to cook too--as opposed to her usual strategy of mixing random ingredients together into a gooey paste (with much tasting along the way) and maybe cooking it and maybe not.

I am getting ready to head to the studio to fire the last fuse load and the penultimate (antipenultimate?) slump load. I am not in a rush to get there as I didn't get the two big kilns loaded until 9:30 last night so I know they aren't cool enough to open yet. Maybe I'll go shopping first--Lowe's for ferns, sand and light connectors, maybe somewhere for new jeans (meh--I hate clothes shopping)... I hope the beigeness of this post is not indicative of the color of the rest of the day. I know you can't scintillate all the time, but this post is putting ME to sleep! Think I'll go have some ham...

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Bill said...

And how about some green eggs?