Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Starts the Week

Waiting for the coffee, the sound of the grinder attacking the beans for music. Today is not glass incarnate, today is business management--mostly financial--incarnate. I need V (the new bookkeeper) and yet I don't even know where to have her begin.The sales tax filing for Georgia is now almost a week late, I haven't touched Quickbooks or Quicken in weeks because of the shows, and I though I could load it all on to the desktop Mac for V--the software and statements will only get her so far. There's also all the mileage and the petty cash and the business expenses bought on a personal account (and logged in Quicken) to general journal in. Oy. And I am STILL stuck (stuck again?) on what to do to improve my processes--which desperately need improving. Do I ERP (whip the spouse) or do I Quickbooks? I hate Quickbooks, I really do. The support is *terrible*, and I despise being forced to upgrade on someone else's schedule. Gah, the stasis of Sunday and a long time away form the studio. I feel like I'm chasing my own tail as I look at piles of to-do in despair and apathy. Dee has created an entire Joomla website in the past two weeks that I have done nothing to mine.

Today I fill out vendor forms for the new department store and finish up the firing schedule for the orders taken in Dallas and Atlanta. I already gave Todd and Bill their orders for the shows--would be nice to have a streamlined way to pass that information too. Tomorrow is the first official day back in the studio, and a day to hit the ground running. Today is a day at the High Museum to see the terracotta warriors, and to begin the letter banner for J's class auction project (D is for Dragon!), and to knit the American Girl scarf for J's friend for a long-delayed Christmas present, and to recover the music and photos on the home back-up drive, and to set-up the workbench, tools and the rest of the garage, and to re-do the office... maybe I'll just nap.

Yesterday saw the installation of the backsplash I made Dave for Christmas. It's nice to finally have some of my work in my own home (after 20 years!).


Dee said...

and it is WUNDERBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are gonna have to talk kiln rental time when my kitchen is in process ;)

now BREATHE and prioritize that massive to do list - btw, i think dave should get to handle the garage stuff ;)

and yes, how much web stuff can one get done when one isn't running off to dallas after sitting around the atlanta merchandise mart for a week snkr snkr

maria said...

It's BEAUTIOUS!!! Is that 1 Piece???? OY...BIG KILN!
Also, read your article in Glass Patterns....loved it! Thanks.

Bill said...

Clearly, financial work isn't your forte. Maybe you should have quarterly visits with your bookkeeper, to force you to be good? Or monthly?

Daily might be a bit much...

Dee said...

snkr daily would put brenda over the edge - monthly is probably best, quarterly should be a MUST ;P


Anonymous said...

Once everything is caught up I firmly believe that Brenda's bookkeeping should be updated at least monthly :-) Yes daily might not suit Brenda nor be cost effective. Either way it needs to stop being a hassle for her.