Friday, January 16, 2009

Dallas Day One

Coffee was Starbucks, it's done now, the happy chatter of people buying lip gloss and wine bags and tea towels for music. Not much call for glass art this morning, but I still have my happy face on! I do not have any connectivity on my laptop at this show, but things are slow enough that I have time to type this post on my iPhone... One letter at a time.

The streets around the Trade Center were thronged with traffic this morning, and the floor--while not packed--has a good number of people on it. Todd is off walking the floor of the Design section (where we are) to see just how many exhibitors are vending t-shirts, purses, costume jewelry, etc. Apparently the hottest seller is beaded wire crosses, and the major category of exhibited "work" is clothing and accessories. Too bad I don't vend lipgloss. We'll see what the afternoon brings.


Dee said...

well i hope you have a good # of buyers this afternoon to keep you busy.

Anonymous said...

I can see glass chard and wire crosses. Whip them up overnight and be the sensation of the show.

And I'm not entirely kidding.

Nancy Goodenough

Anonymous said...

Hee Haw Tejas,

I have an acquaintance who loves to buy her :Texas Bling: at the Dallas show. She's all ride 'em cowgirl, buys there and sells at the rodeo or, heaven forbid, here at the hair salon on the cusp of no woman's land, high desert New Mexico.

Get those crosses made this morning, put plenty of dichro shards.


Bill said...

It's nice to know that Texas never disappoints...

Anonymous said...

Baited breath. Waiting.