Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Almost Looked Fine

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "Cloudy This Morning" by George Winston on iTunes. I begin the day with a haiku:

To grow one's business
Do they mean success?

Wading through the vendor set-up forms for the new department store is almost as difficult as it was for the big casino last year, but this client has the added requirements of UPC coding (an option with the casino) and EDI (electronic document interchange) form processing. The costs of just the EDI may put this account out of my reach (set-up from one EDI vendor is $1,900 with another $100/month fee). I am waiting to hear back from the second (the client only works with these two EDI providers) to see if they have a more cost-effective solution for the smaller-than-small business. I am also waiting to hear back from my buyer about the true necessity of UPC coding. If I have to regretfully decline this order because I cannot comply with the terms, it will mean Dallas was an absolute bust with nothing more to redeem it than its status as a tax deduction.

Today we ship the first Siyeh Studio/Bentwell Metals pieces ordered at the shows. I also head back to ikebana after a long hiatus, and I hope to work with V to get back on track for my finances. Short post, off to the races (as the Indigo Girls sing "Everything In Its Own Time" in the background).


Bill said...

Fie on Dallas!

Dee said...

i hope you get this sorted out to your benefit...

Anonymous said...

Another thing to know about dept store accounts:

A friend of mine got a Macy's order for $10k+ of fused plates in the early 1990s. She put out a lot of money for glass, couldn't work on anyone else's orders, and then a clause in her Macy's contract allowed them to do returns. Returns were a menace that automatically had money taken out of her checking account at any time. For her, it was a horrible experience.

Did not want to bum you out, just a word to the wise...

Nancy Goodenough