Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Over in Atlanta and Moving On

No coffee yet, "Breathe" by the BoDeans for music (softly on my laptop). It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... wait, it was just the worst of times. No, that's too harsh. Like all shows there have been good and bad things and it's just a show. In comparison to my last two wholesale shows (ACRE last spring and the BMAC last summer), average orders are down 50% and number of orders is down about 55%. I would be dead in the water without the new collaborative work with Todd of Bentwell Metals. The buyers I'm getting here--with the exception of one the first day--are all about the garden stake, the ornament, and the wire men.


I have a more complete review to post (and two more orders to report), but breakdown was hell. Really (and it was all about expectation setting and never believing anything a sales rep tells you...). But the breakdown story will have to wait. it's now 10:35, I have eaten dinner, but I still need to pack for Dallas (we leave first thing in the morning...). Next post, Live From Dallas!


Dee said...

i hope you have an easy and safe drive today, we need to have a "recoup" day that involves just hanging out and talking after you are back.

Auto Glass said...

thanks for the nice stuff. It is incredible.

Bill said...

Dallas? Texas? Why there?