Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dallas On the Penultimate Day

Coffee in the itty bitty Starbucks cup from the lobby (it was free--and accompanied by a Krispy Cream donut), music is some new agey jazzy muzak. I think I broke Todd yesterday.

The alarm went off this morning and I sang out "Good Morning!". I got no response so I waited a bit and decided I had been ceded first dibs on the bathroom. After my shower and other morning ablutions I emerged to see a little bit of a tousled head and one foot peeking from under the covers of Todd's bed. A plaintive little voice said, "Can I stay in the room today?". What could I say? Ten straight days on the road at gift shows in a devastatingly grim economy as an introduction to the wholesale world would suck the soul out of anyone. I left him to sleep and went to hold down the fort, I mean booth, on my own--not a difficult task I fear.

Last night ended with an order from a new client right at 6:00--and they took us to dinner after we met up with my friends Mike and Jeanne. Margaritas, queso, chips and empanadas at Primo's followed by sake and a volcanic platter at Deep Sushi... no wonder Todd stayed in today!

Favorite conversation of the day so far, three women walking past the booth:

Woman #1: These are beautiful.
Woman #2: But.
Woman #3: Yeah, *but*.

Our work is overwhelmingly appreciated, and universally perceived as too expensive. It's weird to have one of the highest price points in the show.


The day unfolded in unexpected, but hoped for, ways. I took another small order this morning for Todd's work... and then I signed a lease for a permanent space in one of the Market Center-owned design showrooms. Wow. But I couldn't resist. It's a great 10 X 10 space in the front window off the atrium on the 9th floor. I got back to the room tonight and handed the design process to Todd whose response was, "Anything you would like, Mistress Brenda." Todd did the display windows for a local Atlanta gallery for over 20 years, he is incredibly talented at it, and I am lucky to have been given this opportunity while he is here with me. Now off to my shower, room service, and a glass of wine (or three). Pics are of the booth including one from across the atrium. Can you pick out our booth from all the others on all the other floors?


Dee said...

snkr todd needs to learn how to party at night and still get up for the show the next day hehehehehehehe

but mexican and sushi all in the same night???????

Bill said...

It sounds like you're getting some exposure, at least.

Best wishes.

Andy Mathis said...

Hi- found your blog from a link at wholesale crafts.

I hope you do well in Hemisphere. I was there for a year in 2006, and it wasn't so great for me.

And I hear ya about that drive. I flew out from Atlanta, got a rental van, and drove back through rain and always about 45 minutes in front of tornadoes. Yay. Fun.

I refuse to do a show anymore if I have to drive more than 4 hours because of that drive home. :)