Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Week is Rushing Past Already

No coffee yet, the sound of it brewing for music. I'm up early this morning. Yesterday was a glassilicious, weaving and knitting-filled day--well nigh perfect in other words. I reviewed the layout for my upcoming sidelight article in Glass Patterns Quarterly and it's gorgeous. I committed to the Dallas Finds show and picked my spot (a 10 X 20 in the Atrium--prime, prime, prime). Unfortunately I didn't get the scheduled shipments out as a couple of the pieces were not perfect and I had to refire them. I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to ship all but one order today--and it can go out tomorrow along with all the sample sets.

When I have nothing left to make and ship for the year, what will I do with myself? I spent part of yesterday afternoon at Kavarna with the spouse and I just couldn't pick up the threads of the ERP system to date. Note to self: Do not start a software development project and then let it languish unimagined and untouched for a couple of months. I reviewed the requirements I wrote up on paper again and hope to be able to actually analyze the current database structure by next week. Development to follow?

Have you ever noticed how the minute it looks like you have some spare time something breaks to fill it? The hard drive on the home desktop decided to commit suicide over the weekend and now I look forward to the joys of taking it in, getting it replaced and having the data pulled from it... I roll on the floor laughing so hard my sides hurt. Scratch the having the data pulled part: It's always way too expensive to try to get data off a failed disk. Glad I backed everything up recently before upgrading the OS. Probably lost the complete collated iTunes, but the music is all safe on one of the laptops or the backup drive. Grr. What a time-wasting annoyance, and nothing to do with glass, weaving OR knitting! And speaking of knitting, I fringed the scarf I knit for J last night. Cute, cute cute and just little girl sized.

Many words are coming to me in threes this morning, wonder if it's a portent of the day. Now it's 7:15 and time to roust the Sprout for school. I'll think about the postcard I need to do before the winter shows later...

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Bill said...

I'm glad you've backed everything up...it reminds me I should do the same, when I next have a couple free hours.