Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday What's This Handbasket Day

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "Otherside" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on iTunes. Some days the glass is half full. Some days the glass is half empty. Some days you can't find the glass. Welcome to Wednesday. The Waldorf Holiday Fair/Artist Market is this Friday and Saturday. Guess I better root through the studio to figure out what I'm going to take.

Dee is coming down today and bringing her new family addition Sombra (a Bouvier de Flandres) to romp with Baxter and Seraph. I'll get her to help me root (and dust). One of the really big pieces I had to refire Monday because it had schmutz in it *still* had schmutz in it when I opened the kiln yesterday. After two firings there are a lot of air bubbles too close to the surface to fire it again (they rise a bit every time the glass goes liquid) so I can't fire it again it. Looks like it'll be a display piece for the new January shows (20" round panel for a stand) and I'll have to remake the piece for the gallery today. It and the sample sets are all I have left on the schedule. (And new work for the Taylor Kinzel Glass Show the first weekend in December and for the Atlanta and Dallas shows...)

Got another show solicitation yesterday, this one from the One of a Kind Wholesale Show in NYC a the end of January. I was tempted for a nanosecond--and then I remembered I am already doing *two* new big shows in January. No need to be nuts (nutser).

And that's it for glass. What I was really thinking when I started the post was that I still don't have the loom warped and I am only 1/3 of the way through knitting the first scarf for the Artist Market. Looks like my textile offerings are going to be a bit sparse. I need about five more hours a day--or I need to sleep less. But I like sleep. I need sleep. I am crabby if I don't get sleep. So I'm back to petitioning for five more hours in a day. Anyone else care to sign?


Bill said...

Just what I need. Five more hours of work...

ren said...

i'll sign, but only if i can use all 5 hours for sleep.

Dee said...

i will sign in a half a heartbeat! just show me where!!! i need 5 more productive hours a day! ;P

bill, you could always use your 5 hrs for relaxation ;)

i'm glad you found sanity b4 committing to the nyc one of a kind show ;P that would put you over the edge!