Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday is FREEZING

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug (the dregs of cup #2), Sam calling "baby bird, baby bird" and chirping away on my Mom's shoulder for music. It's only about 32 degrees outside right now which means it's only about 32 degrees in the studio (I left the heat off as I haven't been in much). I am not looking to heading over there later. My list of things to do today is long and tedious--another reason I am still in the comfy chair with a blanket on my lap making lists and chatting on the phone. A quick post and then to work (forms, forms, forms, forms).

New business direction ideas from the show: Open studio and summer camp for 7th-12th graders. I had several people ask me (parents of the 7th graders and others who knew what I had done with them) if I opened my studio the same way to other people or groups--kind of like pottery places do where you can come in and paint pieces and have them fired for you to pick up later. It might be fun to offer making suncatchers, wind chimes, Christmas ornaments, etc. during very limited open studio time. I can add info and sign up area (including a calendar) on the web site (as I revamp it). Small groups only.

Several of the 7th graders (and their parents) asked me if I might offer summer camp sessions and I thought how fun it would be to do some mask-making sessions. I could do some research and offer a bit of education on the use of masks in various cultures. Then we could make some examples of simple bent rectangular and oval masks. The camp would culminate in the participants casting their own faces and making pate de verre style multi-fired masks that could then be decorated with wire, feathers, crystals, shells, beads, etc.

Now I just need a way of fitting these ambitions in with an increased production schedule from the new shows I'm adding next year--an assistant will help with that. Good thing I have a lot of applicants for that position right now (and for apprentices--and I don't have to pay them!). Oh yes, the high school asked me if I would do a fieldtrip/workshop for their students too... Better get to work!

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My goodness. You are a resource!