Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday My Favorite

No beverage, "Soldiers Chorus (from The Decembrists)" by The Soviet Army Chorus and Band on iTunes. I am serene. I didn't post first thing this morning even though it was a Kavarna day as I was out of juice on the laptop and so was Dave so I generously (quite generously) let him have the power cord first. I worked on my order from Ed Hoy's (nothing better than starting your day by flipping through a big, beautiful catalog). The order is in now--Jessie is adding glass buttons to her offerings for the Holiday Fair next weekend--and should be here mid-week next week (just in time to glue up the buttons!).

While at Kavarna I had a chat with the sales rep in charge of the handmade section of the Atlanta Gift Mart in January and I have decided to do the show. Then I will pack everything up and head to the Dallas Finds show... Big money, big goals for a big year.

This afternoon my new apprentice Kevin comes to the studio for a couple of hours. He is going to clean pieces, fill frit and then maybe pull a bit of stringer from the vitrigraph. Or I might let him make some ornaments, or some other piece. We'll see. Now off to pack up ornaments, unload kilns and get ready to pick up J and Kevin from school (Kevin is in 8th grade...).


Bill said...

Good for him.

I hope he works out well, as your apprentice.

Anonymous said...

Child labor? Are you trying to compete with China? Hope you pay him more than the Chineese pay theirs.

Teach him well and maybe he will be the next great glass artist.

By the way, Hi, yes I am on the BMAC forum. I read several each day. Don't always post but I read each day. Art Fair Sourcebook forum, Warm Glass and the BMAC.

Have a great weekend.