Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Month, New Schedule

No coffee, not even a hint of a waft of the magic bean. My husband is clearly slacking. No music either just the steady hum of the airconditioner and all the ceiling fans. Is it hot enough for ya? I have already showered and brushed my teeth because I was so hot and sticky when I woke up. Yeah, yeah, keep the prurient juvenile thoughts to yourself (if you had any--it might be too hot everywhere to indulge).

Behinder than ever with today not looking like a catch-up day. J is staying home from school for Gramma's last day here and we are going to the aquarium at noon. In roughly one minute I am going to get an hour in on the outline (and wouldn't it be nice to get THAT done!) and then I simply MUST get a firing in--I haven't fired since I got back from the BMAC and I have stacked up orders at this point. Okay, minute's up.

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Bill Paley said...

Work, work, work.