Friday, August 18, 2006

Two Months and Two Weeks till Manuscript Due Day

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "In Without Knocking" by Mission Mountain Wood Band on iTunes. "I'll be raising hell or drinking whiskey down" before the day is over too. Decided to switch the order of my day today so I hit the studio at 6:00 am and had two more pieces in the kiln before 7:00 am. There are currently six projects in there to fuse with another one to two to be squeezed in.

Right now I am posting and waiting on hold for Apple. I finally got a live body after 10 minutes, answered a couple of questions and was put right back in the queue and told another 15 minutes... I begin to not like Apple. First the hard drive failed after 20 days in the iMac, now the battery has completely died in the 8-week old MacBook Pro. I wish I had a phone headset as I am getting a crick in my neck.

Got email from the publisher yesterday. They would like the basics chapter of the book (the first 54 pages and the toughest part to write) by Monday. I had to regretfully, respectfully, adamantly decline as I am as far as the outline on it. I am good, but not *that* good. The rest of the schedule looked do-able though it still made me hyperventilate a bit when I read it. Mostly I think that's because seeing in writing the amount of time I have left to do everything is, well, scary as hell!

Ok, phone call done--Apple is sending me a new battery--so it is time to get back to work. I will finally ship the orders to the two galleries today--had to wait on four more paisley pieces which I thought I had and didn't (doh!), and I will finish the table and garden stake designs. I might also begin entering project notes and specifications into the computer. Stranded in the South tomorrow.

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Bill Paley said...

Oh, good, I thought that you gave up on Stranded in the South...