Monday, August 28, 2006

Walking on a Wire

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Walking on a Wire" by Lowen and Navarro on iTunes, 2064 words. The song is completely appropriate, and the word count is better than it looks--it is exactly on target for the materials section. I will probably add more, but I can do that as I have room. Sleep, sleep should be the closing part of the first paragraph of every Glass Incarnate post. This weekend I went back to bad dreams and restless sleep. Last night I endlessly put in the same kiln load and woke certain that I had forgotten to shut both kiln lids (I left them open an inch for venting at the beginning of their firings yesterday.

I am obsessed with boxes. I spent the weekend picturing all the cool boxes I want to make. The problem with boxes is that they take a minimum of three days in the kiln which limits the number I can make, and the kiln is also tied up for those three days so I can't do anything else In spite of that I am almost tempted not to put the box project in the book, instead keeping the technique all for myself. Would be more reasonable if I had a replacement project. Box test #3 went in yesterday and I am determined not to crack this one. Time to throw the fiberblanket in the kiln to help it cool evenly.

This weekend is the Marietta Art in the Park festival and I am committed to doing it. It lasts all three days (Labor Day) this year. I think it was only two last year. I am freaking out about it. Not only do I not have any work for it which adds to my schedule this week, but it will also take up three days and a lot of energy just to be there all day, all weekend and do it.

Today I begin writing the techniques section of the basics chapter and I begin with how to cut glass. Think it will go faster than the materials section did. Hope I have enough to say to fill the target number of pages. I still think fiction would be easier and more fun.


Bill Paley said...

Have you considered sleeping in your studio? Then you could check things out if you freak.

Brenda Griffith said...

Naw. It's more fun to fly down the stairs naked, dance into the Crocs, continue down the next flight of stairs to the studio to arrive heart pounding and find everything is ok. It's almost the only exercise I get.