Thursday, August 31, 2006

Writing, Writing, Writing

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John on iTunes, Book word count: 4533 words, 1081 of them written this morning. We must be in some kind of weird thunderstorm belt right now. Went to bed early, exhausted and was awakened at 12:30 by the deerhound, the lightning and the thunder. The lightning was really amazing. These have not been your garden variety thunderstorms for the past week or so. Thankfully Jessie slept through this one and I got back to dreamless sleep myself until 6:00 am.

Yesterday's box cracked upon removal from the kiln. It is the technique and I am going to modify it a bit to see if I can come up with something faster and non-breaking. Did a slump load in the big kiln including the fountain bowl--it failed in a really weird way, the stone S-Curve piece--I should have done the curve opposite of the way I did it, and assorted pieces for Marietta which all turned out fine.

I also did another pot melt in the middle kiln and it did not turn out as hoped either. I tried doing it at 1600 degrees and that was not hot enough to get all the glass to come out of the pot. I must've had some red mixed in with the orange cathedral as there is a lot of red in the piece (didn't want any). And finally either the pot wasn't high enough above the piece or the glass just flowed too slowly at the lower temp, but the design is not as spectacular as it has been on previous attempts. These pots are also only good for one melt--they crack in half around the middle when you take them out of the kiln. But I'll try again today and see what I get this time. TGIT. (If it were Friday I would have to be putting a long-firing load in for the weekend instead of getting to try this one again.)

Finally I redesigned the necklace for the book and am going to fire it in the little kiln today. Got another slump load to go into the big kiln and it is a DEADLINE DAY for the book--I turn in my first writing in the basics chapter (the 4533 words or approximately 10 pages). Now off to Ikebana for a bit of break and then back into the studio.


Barbara Muth said...

Brenda, you may find you need more work to perfect the box than can be done for the book. A very well known artist was working in a box shape and having lots of braking issues. She took her problems to Ray Ahlgren and he finally solved them but the end result is an interminably long firing schedule. Has to do with insulation and temperature differences making annealing very difficult. Have a great day today and enjoy the Ikebana!

Jodi said...

I'm impressed with your productivity! You go girl!

(I don't miss thunderstorms at all!)

Bill Paley said...

Your thunderstorms are a response to the hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression floating along your shore in Georgia, not that I figure that you've been paying any attention to it...