Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Too scattered to come up with a title

No coffee, no music, just a whiny spaniel. Great. I woke at 5:30 from bad, crabby dreams about booth set-up for a show I am not doing till next May and ankle cramps. Maybe the Crocs aren't as good a studio shoe as I had thought. It's dark this morning, darker than it is supposed to be at 6:00 am and the dogs are all grumbly at being woken. I can sympathize as I am grumbly at being awake. But anxiety and schedule leave me no choice so here I am. Here Dave is too. Misery loves company. (It's so dark!) We sit on the couch in the dark with our laptops--isn't it cool that the keys on a Mac Powerbook is automatically backlit in low-light conditions?

It is not just my writing that is all over the place this morning. Since yesterday I have been as flitty as a damsel fly when it comes to getting on task. It has taken me 36 minutes to get this far in this post. At this rate I will never have the book in to the publisher in 2 months and 17 days. Zip, zero, zilch, nada done on it yesterday except spending more money ordering more things for it (a lamp base).

(Sound of a loud slap) Pull yourself together, man! And yet I don't seem to be able to, I continue to wander hither and yon. The magic beans are ready (all but the last two cups which require the extra double-push of the button). My first choice of mug was the New York Skyline, but it had dishwasher schmutz in it. My second choice was Denver, but it, too, had dishwasher schmutz in it. What the hell! The third time *was* a charm and Los Angeles was clean and is now filled with redolent beans--coffee and vanilla. OK, I cheat. The vanilla comes from the French Vanilla Coffee Mate I mix with the low fat Coffee Mate and no actual vanilla beans died to make it.

It's almost 7:00. Posting time is over and I have to go clean off my desk. I missed paying my Siyeh Studio visa bill last month as I am pretty sure it is still in the envelope, unopened on my desk. Whoopsie daisy. On tap for the rest of this fine, no-longer-dark day? A run to a new (for me) retail glass supplier to buy yet more glass for book projects. I have succumbed to using System 96 for a couple of the book projects with the advent of the new Spirit and Opal Art glasses. Then I hope to get my energy and focus back with kiln loads in all three kilns of predominantly book projects: platinum lustre firing on the necklace in the little kiln, the last slump of pieces for the gallery order which ships tomorrow in the medium kiln, and the wind chimes, the fountain bowl, the garden stake, the hanging panel firing #2, the bird bath, the S-Curve platter, the lace for the lamp--which may turn into a bowl, and the pocket vase in the big kiln. Lions and tigers and bears oh my!


Bill Paley said...

Darkness will only worsen for another four months, and then the light will slowly return.


Jodi said...

Yay for the L.A. mug!

ren said...

pffft. i think that is the only way L.A. will ever be clean!

Bill Paley said...

LA is cleaner than Atlanta. Or Chicago. Or St. Louis.

Maybe not as clean as Las Vegas, but what city could be?