Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Alone Again.

Coffee in the Atlanta Skyline mug, no music, no sounds at all. Dave has taken J to school (we are trying out a new routine) and I am getting ready to start my first day home alone in over a month. I took my Mom to the airport this morning and I already miss her. She might find this surprising as I was very crabby and snarky with her during the entirety of her stay. And as she came out here solely to help me with the BMAC show, how ungrateful is that? I'm sorry Mom. I should rename my blog Snarky Dork. No wait, that name is taken already. I'm sure I deserve it more, but life is sometimes unfair.

Enough wallowing, time to work. The heat and the aftermath of the BMAC (for those who went) are affecting everyone I know. We took Mom to the aquarium yesterday and between the heat and the crush of people, I have made a vow not to leave the house till September. The dog days of summer are here and I am going to focus on conserving energy and morale and slogging through the projects for the book.

Speaking of projects: in honor of the heat, today's project is the fountain. I have been refining the design for the past few weeks and I think I have finally arrived at one that will be spectacular. I might have post-worthy photos tomorrow. Now, off to work!


Bill Paley said...


How about immoral?

ren said...

you could be "snarky crab". then you and jodi could form a club! but you probably wouldn't let me join! MEAN GIRLS!!! (runs off in tears)

Jodi said...

Yes! Club Snark!

I'd be fine with Ren joining me if she stops trash talking about me on people's blogs!

Brenda Griffith said...

I always conserve immoral--it's worth saving.

So Jodi, if you're snarky dork and I'm snarky crab, what is Ren going to be? If it weren't in the mid 90's I'm sure I could think of something, but I am not letting her in the club till she has a name. And Ren, stop sniveling!

ren said...

YOU'RE ALL SO MEAN TO ME! (slams door)