Thursday, August 10, 2006

Isn't August Over Yet?

No coffee, no music. Oh Bean Boy.... It's cool enough that the fish ate this morning. Some days it's just too hot and they hang around the bottom of the pond and pant, oh wait, that's the dogs, or me. August is not a good month to have major production deadlines. August is not a good month for anything but lounging on a beach with a bunch of trashy books and sipping frozen concoctions. I want that life and someday I am going to have it. August is definitely not a month to be trying to fly from London to the US. Poor travelers.

Yesterday was full (thank you Ren for your sympathy and good wishes) and I, of course, did not get everything that was scheduled done. So today's list is longer and tomorrow's will doubtless be the longest yet. But I did not get as old as I am without having learned a few things along the way and I didn't schedule anything for Saturday or Sunday. So I will get caught up over the weekend and be back to a normally insane schedule Monday.

Today I must, must MUST get the table designed and cut. Today is also the day I am supposed to do the pattern bars for the wall mirror, the cast box and the mold-cast butterfly. I don't think the butterfly mold is dry yet so I am going to use a pre-made mold and do a starfish or fish. I might even do it in the cool glow-in-the-dark frit I bought. It is supposedly compatible with Bullseye glass. Glow-in-the-dark frit, do we live in a great country or what?

Tomorrow is supposed to be the pate de verre bowl, but I am pretty sure the rigidized fiberblanket mold I made for it is not dry either so that one will probably also wait till next week. Slip sliding away--that's August and my schedule. I am just going to keep having beach dreams and slogging through it. But Next Year, next year there will be a beach for me.


Bill Paley said...

Too much sand at a beach.


ren said...

bah! sand is good. i will sit on the beach with you and drink frozen long as they have alcohol in them...and as long as i have finshed all my work...and those two new designs...and...oh. right.

Brenda Griffith said...

After I blogged I rearranged my schedule and made it manageable for today and tomorrow. And I was happy. Then I finally heard from the last gallery to place an order at the BMAC. Their original order (for two locations) was 30% of my show total and this morning they called me with an addition of 13 more pieces, and a requested ship date for everything of ASAP... I think I'll just start drinking now. Screw waiting for the beach!