Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some Days I Need Blinders

Coffee in the Los Angeles Skyline mug (eBay, oh eBay, what would I do without you?) no music as the iPod is still down in the studio. Today I resolve to Keep Focused. Days when you do not have enough you must do to fill the day are bad because they lead to flailing and dithering (in me at least). Yesterday I had so little I had to get done that I could have done it all by noon and taken the rest of the day off. That's actually what I planned to do, but instead of making a conscious decision of what I wanted to do with the free time and following through, I got my firing in and spent the rest of the day doing a little paper work and ditzing around on the computer reading a bunch of stuff. And so the day got pissed away and I was left feeling very off-center and unsatisfied. If I had decided to spend the day reading, thinking and worrying about what other sentient humans were thinking and worrying about that would have been okay. Instead I got sucked in and lost control of my life. Not going to happen today. Though I am going to have to deal with all the mental fallout from yesterday and that will make up the next few posts on Stranded in the South.

Today the glass artist fuses another load of gallery orders, fills out and mails in the last art fair apps (really), makes a lot more progress cleaning out the garage and making it into extended studio, and unpacks the Bullseye delivery. It will be exciting in the early part of the day as I head off in 10 minutes to have my eyes dilated. Last week at my eye appointment they didn't do it as I opted to be fitted for bi-focal contacts. At the end of a week experimenting with them I have decided that my eyes aren't all that bad for either distance or close-in, and I am just a whiner. Nice to know, now on to get a mammogram appointment. Glad there's nothing to test-drive for that.

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Bill Paley said...

Happy breast squashing!