Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hump Day in "Real" Life

Coffee in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens travel mug--just got back from taking J to school. Nothing random on the Pod--needed comfort music ("Stay with Me Tonight" by Jeffrey Osborne). More about that on Stranded in the South. This here is about glass, and I need to get focused.

I haven't seen yesterday's firing yet, but I think it will be a good one. The shed is being built as I write and should be done by the end of the day. I am going to christen it tonight with the tent and display materials which are still packed in the minivan awaiting space to get down the drive and unload.

Much of real life is spilling into and mixing with glass this week, and the way to look at it is that that is the way life should be. Instead of the artificial schedule imposed by jobs and schools and the institutions of our lives, "work" should co-mingle with "life" and the priorities of one should be weighed and scheduled along with the priorities of the other. In theory this makes for a more balanced, less stressful life. Now if I can just take a few things out of both and SLOW DOWN I will be set. That's the trick, isn't it?

Today sees another fuse load, some cutting, grinding and polishing of yesterday’s pieces before slumping tomorrow, a whole mess of paperwork, cat and ferret litter boxes to clean, dogs to be brushed before their grooming appointments tomorrow, and spring garden clean-up to plan. Maybe I'll even get around to setting up an appointment for my long overdue mammogram, but I bet scheduling the gravel and mulch delivery will take precedence.


Bill Paley said...

Is it a walk-in mammogram, or do you have to make an appointment? Also, the paperwork may expire if its been too long, you might want to call the doctor's office to check...

Brenda Griffith said...

I have to make an appointment and it looks like the scrip she gave me for it is still good--it's not dated at all.

BTW, this is the only post I have done that got my mother so riled up she tried to comment. She had only two printable words: Mammogram Now!