Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Glass is Here! The Glass is Here!

Today began with a delivery of 1000 lbs of glass. Coffee was in the New York Skyline mug (I eagerly await the Los Angeles mug which should arrive this week) and there was no music on the iPod. This afternoon I will get the fuse load in the kiln which I cut and prepared yesterday, and I will unload the delivery from Bullseye and put everything away. This will be the first official use of the new glass storage area in the garage. I am so excited I may even sweep the floor!

I don't know how it happened, but I am now three days ahead on my firing schedule: If I keep to the schedule I will have the next two gallery orders ready to ship three days ahead of when they are scheduled to go out. I am pretty excited about this as it means there is now room in the schedule for experimentation... and cleaning and writing... whatever.

I may even have a personal use for this time--I have decided to do a mosaic wall along one side of the pond and use up a lot of glass that I otherwise don't use anymore (mostly bought for Tiffany-style lamps which cost more to make than to purchase from Home Depot Expo made in China). Using it there will have the double positive effect of clearing out the studio and providing something beautiful for our home that does not need to be moved when we move.

So off to grab a quick lunch and get fusing! Tomorrow a picture of the kiln load from today (this site needs a bit of color).


Barbara Muth said...

Yeah! Glass delivery is so wonderful!

Hey Brenda, do you have a DC skyline mug yet?

Bill Paley said...

Pond? Have you started excavating?

Brenda Griffith said...

I do not have a DC skyline mug yet. If you see one... ;-) I am still anxiously awaiting news of your visit. And no, Dave doesn't D&D anymore and I never did. Though the friend who commented just after you is the czar of DungeonMaster in L.A... need to get you all together. Too bad D can't do WorldCon this year. I would seriously LOVE to be out there for that. *sigh*

No excavating yet, still designing. I want two levels and a bog border as this is a natural bog area and there are great plants for it native here. This pond is a challenge as it took till yesterday to let go the idea of a waterfall. Unfortunately the placement and surroundings just don't work for one.

Barbara Muth said...

My Starbucks has em on clearance. Will pick one up tonight.

Visit may happen in May. Trying to squeeze too much in too little time right now. My mother visinting this month, MIL health issues to deal with that involve travel next month, and then of course the June wedding in Paris. I'll see if we can come out in May, otherwise it's probably July...

Bill Paley said...


I'm not in charge.

I'm just the house manager.

Then there's the productions of plays in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Fullerton, California that are very similar to Dungeonmaster, which is going to be moving now from North Hollywood to Hollywood starting next month.