Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Home at Last!

Coffee is an extra large Jupiter Coffee house blend with an extra shot of espresso... I notice a trend here. There is no music as the iPod has been temporarily re-purposed. more on that in a minute.

I took two days to drive from Austin back to Atlanta this time. It turns out that four hours of sleep after a two-day festival in the heat (and breaking down at the end of the second day) is not enough anymore to fuel this 44 year-old bod to drive 1000 miles in one day. Today is the first day of set-up for the Dogwood festival here in Atlanta. I am the first glass artist on the wait-list so I gave them a quick call to see if there is a spot for me before I unload the car. I left a message on their machine and now have an excuse to leave the car packed until tomorrow.

After the five am anxiety attack about all the things I need to do today, the rest of the morning started very slowly for me. I finally got Jessie to school by 11:00, and now I am preparing for a busy day of electronic paper pushing. I have to phone in all my credit card charges from Austin, sign and mail back the book contract, enter all my sales and expenses for the show into a spreadsheet, update my studio inventory, send font and more pictures to my website developers, update the gallery inventory for the work I left at Taylor Kinzel and send it to them, prepare an order for Bullseye, pay bills, invoice clients, return gallery calls from the past week, and sort through the mound of *stuff* on my desk. My question at the end of all this is, if I am a glass artist, how come I spend so much of my time with my hands on paper?

All I really want to do is curl up in the Sky Chair on the front porch and listen to the book from Audible that I downloaded to my iPod. Audio books, I am now hooked. I didn't even notice the drive yesterday--I listened to over five hours of a 10-hour book and could have kept driving to the coast. I feel like I could actually drive to Montana this summer with audio books. And they play through the car's speakers on the iPod. Is this a great century or what?

But there are papers to push so I had better get to it. Maybe I will be able to treat myself late this afternoon.


ren said...

check out for some interesting stuff. it's all public domain and read by volunteers so you get a mixed bag but i really like it. and it's FREE! i like free!

Bill Paley said...

Glad you're home safe...

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great show in Austin. We got our notice of acceptance to Yellow Daisy this week. Hope its a good show for us.
Relax and get back to work. Remember, Chrissie says I'm the slave driver.