Monday, April 17, 2006

Back on Schedule

Coffee and music on the radio were both in the car this morning taking J to school and heading on to Ikebana on the north side. Now it is already almost 12:30 and I am just beginning the day in the studio. Last Thursday and Friday were rough days comprised of a solid blend of real life (and death) and work. This week things are back to a more traditional work/life time split, and I am back to daily blogging.

It's good to be back to a schedule and done with traveling and shows for a month and a half. I have two more gallery orders to get out by the end of the month--one a HUGE one to a gallery in Calgary, Alberta Canada (my first international gallery!). In a week or so I need to start figuring out the customs forms. And I have the art fair apps for the fall shows to get out this week. Other than that, I am just clearing the decks to start on the book (no editor assigned yet so I have not begun). Part of the deck clearing is getting all non-glass STUFF moved to the new shed and the garage cleaned out to officially become a full-size studio extension.

It's about time to post more pics here, and I will do so of the new studio layout when it is complete. It will be a truly enviable set-up. Now off to get a full fuse-load in.


Bill Paley said...

O! Canada!

However, won't you be paid in beavers and Lunies?

Brenda Griffith said...

Maybe baby seal pelts...