Saturday, April 08, 2006

April Showers

A quick post before I head off to the Dogwood Festival for the day. No coffee yet, and the music is the sound of the rain, birdsong, and occasional thunder. I have a feeling I won't get a lot of traffic today--I just hope after last night's storm my tent is still standing. I am pretty sure it is, but I also won't be surprised if some people lost theirs. I woke at 4:17 to the howl of some pretty serious wind.

Fortunately yesterday was a good day for me. I should have planned better and already had the postcards printed up for the solo glass show I am doing at Creative Spirit for the Third Thursday Gallery Tour in June. As this is a local show, if I were a savvy marketer, I would have publicity for my next local event with me. But it really was all I could do to get eight additional pieces done for the show. Maybe I will print some up today. I have electricity in the tent, and I will probably have time.

OK, off to the show!


Bill Paley said...

You have electricity in the tent? In a rainstorm? Shocking.

Anonymous said...

How did your tent fair? Did you survive the storm? Any customers brave the storm? Let us know?