Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Coffee in the Alaska mug this morning, no music as the iPod is still down in the studio. Glad it is, because I sure haven't been lately! The only glass artsist "stuff" I have been on top of recently has been my firing schedule--and that probably only because I had three days of slush built in. Slush, I might add, which has now all melted away. Today I ship, and I ship again Monday. And that takes cares of all gallery orders till July with only two more to complete this year from my Buyer's Market orders from February ( I say "this year" because I actually had a gallery place a good sized order on 2/19/06 for delivery 1/10/07). It is good to be done as there is another Buyer's Market coming up mid July and at least one part of me hopes to get many more orders there! Another part of me is lost in landscape design (mine and others) and pond building. No, the construction has not yet begun on the pond, but it is all coming together. When it does happen, it will be over in a weekend and photos will be posted on Stranded in the South.

So today I ship (all Cosmos Morceaux de Verre), and I do a huge load of paisley pieces for a gallery in Canada. I also simply MUST get the final art fair apps and other paperwork done and sent off. If there is any time left, I will continue asserting my will on the contents of the garage and the shed. Time and space being what they are I predict they will both be left to gather dust for another day (or five).

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Bill Paley said...

Hop to it, girl!