Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dave!

It's Dave's birthday and I got him a... Cat! (oh we know I made him something too, but it's not finished yet so I can't write about it yet). Ernie the Monstrocat is scheduled to arrive tomorrow night from Portland. Ernie is officially designated as a Studio Cat, but he may end up up spending nights in the Griffith household and days in the studio--the best of both worlds. Ernie is a cat with a powerful presence. Though he doesn't use a computer himself (destroying keyboards and eating mice doesn't count he has a Facebook page and many (23 at last count) friends.

More about Ernie tomorrow!


Bill said...

Where would one find this Facebook account?

Bill said...

Oh, and felicitous natal anniversary, O Dave!

Dee said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you got some wonderfull treats! ;)