Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Calm Between the Storms

Cherry berry green tea in the Montreal mug, the sound of crickets chirping and little girls riding bikes and scootering for music. School (and everything else in north Georgia) was cancelled today due to poor road conditions, heavy rains and flooding. Right now it's calm and mostly dry (as dry as things can be after two straight weeks of rain on heavy clay soil), but we're due to get a lot more rain this afternoon. Joy. I thought the water in the crawelspace/basement at the studio was down about five inches this morning, but the waterline in the picture shows it a lot lower than yesterday's high water mark. It's still a lot more than it was this past spring when flooding took out the hot water heater (last photo). Glad I've had a lot of other stuff on my plate and I didn't get around to replacing it yet. Now I need to get a picture of it when there's no water so I can remember what it looks like... :-0

I started the morning with an hour's worth of chores, and it felt good. Then I lost the next two hours and it doesn't feel so good. Where did they go? Puttering with this, putzing with that, talking to the people that own the house next to studio (I was hoping we could buy it and expand over one more space--and another 200 amps--but apparently they got 50% more than we were willing to offer for it). And then the time was gone and I'm staring doewn the barrel of another rapidly retreating week. Tuesday always starts with such promise! Monday is over, the rest of the week is enough time to get everything done, and I can breathe. But sometime during the day (earlier than usual this morning), everything goes to hell in a time management handbasket and I just know Wednesday will start by looming.

Well not this week! No matter what, I'm going to remain upbeat, relaxed, and optimistic. I'm going to work steadily and whistle while I do so. I'm going to get done what I get done and eliminate what I don't. I'll be ruthless with those tasks that just keep on hanging on! At least that's the theory... And I'm going to put an a little music to spur me on. I end the post with a little REO Speedwagon, "Ridin' the Storm Out".

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Bill said...

I like your music selection...