Monday, September 14, 2009

June Cleaver Has Left the Building

I am forgoing coffee this morning, the ticking of the clock is the music that spurs me on into the day. This morning I have another appointment with my surgeon to review the progress of my ankle on it's road to fully healed support. It looks like there is no infection anymore, it's just a big scabby, scarred mess. I'm going to ask him how soon I can get a tattoo over it just to see his reaction.

Yesterday I got a call from this year's 7th grade teacher at Jessie's school about a fieldtrip for her class. Of course I am delighted to have 20 7th graders in to see demos and make projects at the studio! This year we'll have even more to demo to them with the hotshop and the beadmaking classroom.

The rest of this past weekend was spent being June Cleaver for a varying number of seven year-old girls. We had a friend of Jessie's from Friday morning through Sunday evening while her mother was at a conference, and we also had another of her friends from midday Saturday through Sunday evening. I took the three of them to the Yellow Daisy Festival Saturday morning, but I didn't get to see any of my friends exhibiting there. I should never have started at one end thinking i could walk all the way through on my ankle. After weeks of diminished activity, my leg muscles (and ankle) were not up to walking through a 500-booth craft festival and I pooped out (as did the girls) before we made it halfway through. Later that afternoon Jessie had yet another friend over playing who also stayed for dinner. Actually, in this recitation of my Cleaverness, it would be more true to say Dave and I traded June duties as he was the one who cooked dinner on Saturday and had to deal with an ever-changing number of prospective diners ( and I just love the mental image of him in the pearls and the apron...).

The grand opening of the studio as a Bullseye Resource Center hurtles ever nearer and I still have TONS of website work, supplies and equipment wrangling, and major marketing to do. This afternoon I am meeting with Todd and Becky about another class idea Becky had for a joint fused, slumped, torchworked beads, wire-wrapped wall/window hanging or platter project. See how complicated it sounds? That's why we need to meet in person to go over it.

Now off to get ready for the doctor and on with the day.


Bill said...

You can never really be ready for the doctor. Nasty people, doctors.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I could never keep up with all you do.

Anxious to hear the doctor's reaction to the tattoo question....