Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Anything is Possible

The lovely afterglow from a Dancing Goats mocha with whipped cream as I reminisce about my morning beverage, the calling of the baristas and "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" by Elvis Costello over the coffee shop sound system for my morning music. It's a Dancing Goats morning! (NOTE: seven laptops in the coffe shop this morning and ALL are Macs... the tide has turned.) I edit press release, business agreement, and artist bio (for Lee), work on the underlying formulae used in my order form to Bullseye, and complete (to date) the order I am having shipped from Bullseye *Next Week*. Then lunch (maybe at Taqueria del Sol with the Spouse--who is also here with me at Dancing Goats). Then finishing said Spouse's birthday present (in time for tomorrow? maybe not...) and getting in the first load of the pieces that ship Thursday.

As can be seen from the perky list above, I feel MUCH better than I did yesterday! Yesterday I went to Commerce and picked up the metal work from Black Cat, came home and collapsed into a somnolent napping daze for two hours, and then dragged myself to the studio to get orders shipped, go over hotshop biz with Lee, and have a long chat with Morganica about Ernie the Monstrocat and website design.

Talking to Morganica about Ernie was very energizing--though I am become a bit daunted by the weight of the public scrutiny surrounding his move here. There have been some hitches and glitches in funding Ernie's travel from west coast to east so he is unlikely to arrive this week. As it looks now, it'll be about a week before the resource center grand opening before he graces us with his presence.

Now to edits, infinity, and beyond!


Bill said...

You want to be more specific about "Ernie"? Who's this? What's the point?

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I for one am to be happy to be part of the response to help get Ernie to your studio. Love it he has a friend page on FB now too. He is quite the cat and has developed a good following.

ellen abbott said...

That's what happens when you adopt a famous cat.