Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome to Friday

I think I forgot to post yesterday, but right now this minute I'm not sure if that's true. Did I write about the Red Queen's race on Tuesday or Wednesday? Well, I may be virtually disorganized, but in the real world I have a cascading file tote and I'm not afraid to use it! There are sections for glass and supply sales, classes, orders, the hotshop and beadmaking classroom, Black Cat ArtWorks and Bentwell Metals collaborative info, technical data, and business info (loan docs, website stuff, email marketing info, etc.). Of course that little tote won't hold *all* the papers I have on any one of those topics--but it isn't meant to. No, the tote is there to hold all the papers that I need *right now* to keep them organized and at my fingertips.

This is an unusual period for me. It is not uncommon that I have 2-3 projects going at a time, but right now I have upwards of ten and I think I have reached the limit (maybe even passed it a little) for what I can do all at once. Last night I was sure I heard the hamster in our room again about 2:00 AM. He got out a couple of weeks ago while J was having a sleepover at a friend's house and we heard him rustling around in a plastic bag in the corner of our room about 4:00 am. We both got up and managed to wrangle him back to his cage. Last night I was just too tired to get up to investigate so instead I dreamed about giant hamsters and glass studio projects the rest of the night. This morning the first thing I did upon rising was to check on Tuffy (said hamster) and he was tucked up safe in his cage. Either he went on walk-about and returned safely (and shut the cage up after himself), or I dreamed it all.

This morning I go up to the Gwinett Center to set up my ikebana arrangement for JapanFest this weekend. Then I drop off a commissioned piece at Taylor Kinzel. Then I meet with Becky the bookkeeper. I begin to hate sentences that begin with 'then I'. Then Becky the assistant arrives and we ship an order or two (depending on if I hear back from the client for one with a ship-to address). THEN I have to find time to keep going through the mountain of material, tool and supply orders I have to find a way to finance simultaneously and immediately, AND to work on my class descriptions and prices, AND to create the resource center website from scratch, AND update my own website with the Greene & Greene exhibit info, AND finish creating order forms and price sheets for all of Bullseye's products, AND AND AND...

Roll up the sleeves, gird the loins, put the big-girl panties on and get to it. (Maybe I'll wheedle Dave into making me some coffee first...)


Bill said...

Powered by coffee!

Dee said...

LOL well you did indeed miss posting one day, whichever one it was but i think it was thurs! and yes, you have probably SURPASSED the # of simultaneous projects you can juggle w/o dropping something but when has that stopped you? :P

looking forward to tomorrow night!