Friday, September 11, 2009

The Week Endeth

No coffee (yet), no music, but there is Griffith Internet!


Scratch that--coffee is what Dave calls a poor man's mocha in the Chicago mug (the whipped cream was a new addition to this morning's decadence), "All I Want To Do" by Sugarland on iTunes. I realized as I typed the last four words in the first sentence of this post that though there was Internet on my and Dave's laptops, I still hadn't connected the rest of the hardlines--including the Apple TV which runs our music through the house speakers so I lumbered out of my chair (it's early, I'm sore) to finish hooking it up. Then I decided since I was up I would look at the status of the dishwasher to see if I could get it siphoned, and that led to wheedling Dave into making the coffee that I then adulterated as shown. It's all connected, doncha see.

As I was downloading the photo of this morning's coffee and yesterday's ikebana off of my iPhone I discovered a series pf photos on it that Jessie took at our Delores Taylor workshop dinner at Sugo. At first I was just going to delete them, but she had such fun playing with the light that I had to hold onto them. I particularly like this pensive shot of Licha.

Yesterday was firing, ikebana, schedule readjustment, and a long business meeting with Lori. Today is more firing, meetings with Lee and Becky, another class proposal to Oakhurst Community Gardens, and the beginnings of my casting project! Oh yes, and the last 12 pages of that pesky ARC loan paperwork and two distributor proposals to polish up. A couple of days ago a corporate gift client called to see if I could do a little project for them. Little in terms of size (and cost) of each piece--fused and slumped business card holders, but big in terms of scale--1600 of them in December. You bet! Why not? So I have to finish the slump today and shoot them off pictures of the prototype I am whumping up. Thanks, Lori, for the loan of your slump mold and showing me how you do them.

The casting project is the last item on the list because even though I have all the materials I need and I just ordered the wallpaper steamer from Amazon, this is a for-fun project and everything else on the list is for business. While I was on Amazon I noticed that they have a new option for Prime members--Saturday delivery for $2 more than overnight delivery. I think it was $2 more ($6.99 per item) but I am having such a hard time reading the font on my laptop screen this morning that I might have been mistaken.

It was good to be back in ikebana this week. It was in June that I was last able to go between show and order schedules, travel and broken leg. The picture from my iPhone is unfortunate and shows an incorrect perspective to my arrangement this week--the last arrangement before my exhibit arrangements next week that finish out the second level of my instructor training. I don't ever see myself teaching ikebana (I'm sure I'll eat those words some day), but I love the balance and insight that the activity gives my glass work and I have missed it this summer.

The Yellow Daisy Festival out at Stone Mountain started yesterday and I hope to take Jessie and her friend Maxena (who is staying the weekend with us while her mother is at a conference ) to it tomorrow. I have several friends exhibiting--some of whom I haven't seen in years. It'll be good to attend a retail show for once, as opposed to exhibiting at it!


Bill said...

Perhaps you should post a little something on the other blog about the condition of your leg?

Licha said...

Oh how funny is my photo! Jessie captured a great expression of me!! I'm sure I was probably thinking if I cleaned everybody's workspace before the dinner - ha!