Thursday, September 24, 2009


Egyptian licorice tea in the Denver skyline mug, the static of a 'silent hold' on the phone with Chase bank for music. I think my body decided that since I'm determined to slow down, I have time to get a full-blown cold. Silly body. I continue to plug doggedly away at the final (please, please, please let them be final!) details for the ARC loan--78 pages of documentation to fax to them so far and still counting--isn't there some paperwork reduction act in place in our government somewhere?

I started to continue on in the vein of customer service horror stories, no one knowing what is actually needed for filling out these government forms, the general ineptitude of customer service people (coupled with their unflagging cheerful unhelpfulness), but I'm just too worn down by this cold. I think I'll put down the computer for a few hours and go make some GLASS. I'm tired of being Paperwork Incarnate. I need to go have me some fusing FUN.

Till tomorrow...


Douglas said...

Paperwork keeps the government confusing. Without it they don't need all those lawyers. Just keep plodding along and you will finally get it done. Hopefully the flooding is over and you can get back to work in the studio. We prayed that the rain would hold off till after Yellow Daisy and we hit it on the way home. Its hard to believe that you all have had 22 inches since we left. Hope everything is good and wish you luck in your expansion.

Bill said...

They HAVE had paperwork reduction (those laws were from the Reagan Administration). If you'd tried to get this loan in the seventies, there would have been over 200 pages.

Brenda Griffith said...

Update: I sit by the fax machine sending them *102* distinct pages in three batches. I think we need more reduction. They can already see a lot of what they're asking for online in their own computer systems (the bank)!

Douglas said...

That would be too easy. They want to see if you can read their info and follow directions. Then they can say, you messed up the application and we don't have to loan you a penny.

You don't think someone will really read all 102 pages, do you? They just want to see how much you want the loan. they probably made up their minds after they looked up your Credit Report.

Good Luck