Friday, January 25, 2008

UPS Holds My Package Hostage!

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "Tangled Up In Blue" by Bob Dylan on iTunes (it ought to be tangled up in brown). Back to our regularly scheduled format. Yesterday as I was at Kavarna coffee blogging my open letter to UPS, my package was still languishing on the front porch after the previous evening's non-pick up fiasco. After I finished my letter/post, I opened a FedEx account on-line and entered my package info preparatory to printing out the FedEx label and shipping it out when I got back to the studio. Then I went back to entering and reconciling last year's business data.

When I got back to the studio the package was gone! There were two delivered in its place so I knew who had taken it, but I hadn't wanted THEM to take it anymore. By 10:00 pm last night the tracking info still hadn't been updated so I was sure that the physical package had gone the way of Amelia Earhart, the pick-up request, and the original system tracking info. But apparently I am to be lucky this morning and the package has resurfaced and is on its way to Chicago. Just let them try to charge me for the pick-up... "Psycho Killer" by The Talking Heads comes on iTunes. My laptop and I, we are in sync today.

And the finances drag on and on and on. I discovered the mileage tracking tool in Quickbooks yesterday and it gave me joy (I am easily amused). Will today be the day I finally beat the paper into submission? The battle rages on with no end in sight. I am wounded, but still determinedly undaunted. I am serenaded on my way by Lowen and Navarro's "Broken Moon". Ciao till Monday.

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Bill said...

"Will Penelope Pitstop find true happiness in computer software? Tune in next time!"