Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Fuse Day

Coffee in the New York mug, "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner on iTunes (segueing into "Waterloo" by ABBA, ooh baby, it's an old trash music morning!), and it's not even cold here anymore... no, scratch that, it's supposed to be only 41 degrees right now which *does* qualify for cold in Georgia, the peach state. My Montana genes must have kicked in (or my cosy sweater has), because I'm toasty!

The big order is out on the studio porch for shipping, the supplies list is done and off to the publisher (and they have already put up their beautiful new website which lists my book prominently), and I finally allowed myself to open a box from Larry at Colour De Verre (I traded him a couple of signed copies of my book for a couple of molds). I had been holding off opening it until I got the big commitments off the to-do list because I knew all I'd want to do when I saw the molds would be to play with them. And I was right. I am dying to make the blossoms today! (The dragonfly paperweight project in the book was made with a Colour de Verre mold.) Sadly I have to be in the house waiting for the dishwasher repairman this afternoon. I'll be updating Quickbooks and doing other bookkeeping tasks to finish my week.

Will I get the week off next week? It still remains to be seen. If I get all of my necessary work done and orders shipped, I'll take it. If not, I'll get a massage and a pedicure and be happy with them. Now I have an hour and a half to get today's big fuse load in (custom windows, dinnerware, the Enjoy bowl, and an order for the Art Institute--full, full, full).

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Bill said...

It's nice to be busy, isn't it?