Friday, January 04, 2008

Does This Book Make Me Look Fat?

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "The Size of a Cow" by the Wonder Stuff (from Ren's Happy Happy Mix) on iTunes. I have become my grandmother. This morning after spraying ground coffee all over the counter and into one of the kitchen drawers, I vacuumed out the drawer (and vacuumed the counter and floor too). As I almost sucked up vacu-vin tops and other small round objects I thought of my mother telling me how her mother used to vacuum out her drawers and suck up her toys...

So the suppliers list for the book will be done and sent to the publisher today, as will ad copy for the Profitable Glass brochure for Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Vegas (done, and sent to a different publisher). I will also have completed my hotel reservations for Phillie and Vegas, and logistics queries for Phillie and Vegas for shipping and storage of displays and product. I have got to figure out if I am going to drive or fly this year to Vegas. I swore I wouldn't drive again, but I haven't figured out how to get my work out there otherwise yet. And now I have another incentive to drive--a one-piece shelf for Big Bertha (and her soon to be ordered sister Bettina). The shelf I need is 30" X 74" and weighs 144 lbs, and the distributor is in San Diego. Vegas, San Diego, Atlanta... "Hey honey, want to come to Vegas with me in April? We can make it a family vacation!"

Still hanging over my head is a class list and pricing for teaching in other studios. Who knew it would be so complicated? But figuring out a schedule that keeps the class going and doing things while there are thick pieces that have to cool in the kiln is really hard. And how much of the proceeds do I ask for? And finally, planning projects that they have kiln room for without having to ask how much kiln room they have (I am so behind in getting this list done that I really don't want to call them with anything less than a completed curriculum)... it's all overwhelming.

Today I also bug Christian about the new website. Time to get a project plan with a timeline done and deliverables assigned so I have something else to drag my feet on.

Now to close with something on the lighter side--another web book sighting. Are they trying to tell me something?? Guess everyone is trying to cash in on the Amazon affiliate business.


Anonymous said...

I just received my Delphi Glass catalog and lo and behold, your book was listed. By the way, good job on the book. Chrissie was very impressed and I thought it was great too. Got to try a few of those projects.


Brenda Griffith said...

Thank you! I am still, however, wondering why they are selling it on

Bill said...

Because, they heard that the author was an Amazon.

home therapy said...

My daughter is quick to point out to me all the "old person" things I do like her Grandma & Great-Grandma. I have come to learn to be proud of it all!