Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Looking Like Spring

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug, "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers on iTunes. Another week begins after a promise-of-spring weekend here in the south. The rest of the country, well the northern parts at least, are going to have wait weeks and weeks before they get lured by spring. It begins here in January.

The teasing promise of spring continues on this week with temperatures in the 60's and sunshine. Thoughts of taking the week off for mental health reasons are forgotten in the rush of endorphins brought on by warmth and sunlight. Instead, it will be a productive--one might even say prolific--week, I can feel it in my bones. And as it's Monday, it's a good day to organize the calendar for the week.

Monday, Dee comes down for the day and we are going to move, move, move glass. I'll also do a couple of kiln loads, set-up the new shipping scales, plan the work for the BMAC, and ship a book order. Something else I thought of last week that I really should have thought of before is making a weight chart for my work. Shipping has always been a hassle because I have had to get everything boxed up and weighed before I could enter the shipping info into UPS (now FedEx). But if I know the pieces that go in a shipment, and I know the weights of each piece, I can estimate the weight within a couple of pounds and schedule the shipment for pick-up before it's boxed. Weighing all the pieces and creating the chart will be a great project for Stacy. Another Stacy project is to whip my gallery mailing list back into shape before, uh Wednesday. Better get moving on that--postcards to go out and all.

And now Dee is here so I have to run. More on the creation of a good mailing list tomorrow!


Bill said...

Maybe you could toss the weight information into your web site, too?

Might be worth something to folks to know what to expect...

Dee said...

what? you mean they might want to know it's heavier than a kitten and lighter than a deerhound? ;)

Bill said...

ANYTHING is lighter than a deerhound.

Oh, and the items smell better than a ferret, too!